You Deserve To Be Happy – Now.

A Message from Barbara:

Are you at a cross road in your life and unsure which direction to go? Are you feeling confused or unhappy? Do you feel like you’re not able to give your children the time, attention and energy they deserve because you’re overwhelmed by the decision to move forward to a happier life for all of you? I know you have a longing inside you to feel free and happy.

Whether you need clarity about making the decision to move into the life you crave, support while going through a divorce and life transition or you’re through those stages but need guidance in re-creating a new life, I can guide you.

I can show you how to be calmer, stronger, happier and more loving even through the most challenging of times so that you can transition to a new life (one that makes you happy you’re alive). You can attract: a new job, career, more money, better relationships, a new home, peace, happiness and so much more.

You can tap into your heart again and clear away old beliefs and emotional pain so that you rediscover your true self. Regaining strength, courage and wisdom will lead you to all that you want. It’s my heartfelt wish to support you on your journey.

Are you in a relationship that is no longer working for you? Do you feel frustrated, sad, trapped or like a part of you is dying?

Divorce is a stressful time in a family’s life but you really can get a better handle on your emotions and come up with more empowered solutions.

Have you gone through a divorce or difficult life transition and feel relieved maybe even victorious but are asking yourself “Now what?”

I highly endorse Barbara to any woman who is at a crossroad and ready to explore and perhaps change the course of her destiny. Personally, Barbara helped me overcome the fears that held me back from attaining what I both needed and wanted.   Barbara has this incredible loving/caring presence which creates a safe haven for the process of self-discovery. It seems that she has an infinite selection of techniques and exercises and a spot-on intuition when it comes to choosing which one works best for her clients.   Even though our sessions were exclusively on the phone, her voice was a gift I can’t really describe; it had to be experienced. Her voice has a very calming, nurturing tone that inspires trust while being totally non-judgmental. Her compassion and insight inspired me to discover what I could do to change my life. I had blame, she showed me forgiveness; I had criticism, she showed me gratitude. I felt unsupported and she showed me I was completely supported.   Barbara is a great teacher and thanks to her life affirming coaching, I now use her techniques to move forward in creating the reality I want from life.
Nathalie B., West Hollywood, CA