Hi!  My name is Barbara Anselmi, and I’m a Certified Law of Attraction and Energy Mastery Life Coach. I’ve helped many people around the world learn about the principles of universal laws – giving them the keys to creating what it is they really want.

My area of expertise is empowering women to transition gracefully from the dissolution of their marriage to making a fresh start. By connecting them to their heart’s wisdom, I help guide them to experience the power and strength they have within themselves.

I LOVE helping clients to release emotional pain so they can confidently move forward. I believe when we are in balance and harmony with our emotions and desires, we manifest what we really, truly want in our lives — consciously. We can have better relationships, abundance, peace, joy and unlimited possibilities for the future.

I’m also certified in Integrated Energy Therapy. I am a graduate of Awakening Your Light Body course, Karmic Ancestral Forgiveness Advanced Training, Spontaneous Transformation Technique and use several other modalities in my practice. I’m a Substitute and Assistant Instructor and Mentor with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy founded by Christy Whitman. I conduct live monthly teleseminars for the QSCA giving new coaches guidance and support throughout the program.

I live in Red Bank, NJ with my two wonderful children and feel passionate about the life I’m creating.