Divorced, but … Now What?

Life After Divorce

Have you gone through a divorce or difficult life transition and feel relieved – maybe even victorious – but are asking yourself “Now what?” Moving forward after a divorce can be challenging for anyone. You may be in mid-life, as I am, and need to find a new job/career, a new home and emotionally you find yourself grappling with painful, past hurts as well as daily emotional, financial, relationship and maybe even physical challenges.

I’ve faced all of these challenges, and I continue to work on myself daily to be a better and more loving mom, partner, friend, sister, colleague and coach. I continually strive to push through my obstacles and fearful beliefs. I use all the tools and techniques that I’ve learned over the past 12 years since I’ve been on a self-discovery journey. I know what it’s like to move 5 steps ahead and then 3 back. It’s called life! We all have challenges that come up from time to time, but the key to a happier, more fulfilling life is stepping out of feeling like the world has wronged you and into a different, more peaceful, loving and empowering mindset. Taking action from this place is so much more fulfilling and happy. And I know I can help you to do the same.