Considering Divorce?

Are you in a relationship that is no longer working for you?

Do you feel frustrated, sad, trapped or like a part of you is dying?

You’ve tried everything you can think of:

  • Marriage/individual counseling
  • Talking to your partner over and over again but winding up in the same conversation/pattern
  • Confiding to your family and friends and anyone who would listen hoping you’d get some profound, magical answer to save your relationship
  • Going away together to “fix” things
  • Maybe you’ve just decided that it’s okay to live separate lives to keep your family together, but you find yourself feeling more and more lonely, depressed, anxious and frustrated.

You know you deserve to be happy, and you want everyone in your family to be happy, so you put on a brave face and continue to go about your daily activities and responsibilities. However, you find you can’t continue to live a lie.

You feel it would be selfish to leave, and you feel guilty about that for your children’s sake.

You’re afraid of being judged by others for even having this thought.

Maybe you’re in an abusive relationship and feel controlled and a part of you is dying.

Is your health suffering because of this stress?

Let me ask you – how much are you really accomplishing and able to give to yourself and your children if you’re feeling depleted?

Divorce Counseling & Support

I understand what you’re going through!

I realized I couldn’t give my children what I didn’t have – energy, wisdom, happiness – if I’m giving from an empty well. I knew I had to take drastic measures to change my life. It took all the courage I had and a HUGE leap of faith, but I decided I wanted to live a life with positive, happier experiences so that I can model that for my children. I desperately wanted to be happy and realized I couldn’t create happiness if I wasn’t happy. In fact, I was creating more and more unhappiness in my life because that’s what I was focused on.

I can show you how to work through your old patterns and emotions to turn it around. You CAN create a happier version of the next chapter in your life.