Do you ever find yourself ruminating about something that has happened or something that you want to happen?

Most people do… a lot. It’s usually not a good feeling and comes about because of a negative thought of which we just can’t seem to let go.

It can cause us to worry, feel overwhelmed or feel sad. Those negative feelings will only bring us more worry, overwhelm or sadness. It’s similar to someone telling you to not think about a purple elephant. You then can’t think about anything else — even if you try.

Changing your focus is key.

When we focus on something (whether we want to or not) we get more of the same. For example, when we focus on not hitting any traffic lights so that we’re not late for an appointment, we will usually hit every traffic light along the way!

We feel like nothing is going our way. Right? Well, it actually is going our way… the way our thoughts are going.

Our thoughts trigger our emotions. In this case, anxiety, frustration, worry. We unconsciously send out signals that is what we want to attract… more anxiety, frustration, worry. It’s like a little prayer we send out to the Universe saying “yes, please, send me more of this since this is what I’m focusing on.”

That’s how powerful we are!

The good news is that we can, literally, change our thoughts and emotions to what we do want. With practice, this becomes quicker and easier over time.

So how do we do it?

One way is to realize that when we catch ourselves feeling anxious, frustrated etc., it doesn’t feel good. And if something doesn’t feel good, we are not in harmony with what we want.

For example, we may want more money and tell ourselves “I easily attract money” but inside, we’re feeling anxious because we may be in debt or just lost our job. What we’re feeling and what we’re saying are out of balance.

We’re sending out mixed signals!

The Universe responds to the strongest signal which would more than likely be the stress and frustration of not having money. Luckily, we can change our signals!

Once we catch ourselves feeling negative about something, we realize we are thinking about what we don’t want. We’ve become good at this over the course of our lives.

Instead, we can:

  1. Stop and think about what we do want — which is usually the opposite of what we’re thinking.
  2. Get into emotional connection with what we want, by asking ourselveswhy do I want this? This emotional connection is very important.
  3. Then ask how will I feel when I get what I want? Just let yourself go and float into that feeling. Marinate in it for a minute or longer

The longer, the better since, according to the teachings of Abraham Hicks, it only takes 17 seconds of focusing on something to attract a matching vibration and 68 seconds to start the manifestation of it into our reality. Try it!!

Take control.

Notice when you’re having negative feelings and thoughts and turn them around. They really do go hand in hand. Thoughts lead to emotions which lead to habits. Habits can be broken and new habits can be formed.

It just takes practice!

Start creating new habits… and watch your reality start to shift. When we shift our thoughts, we shift our world. It’s like putting money in a bank… little by little your account will grow and you’ll see the changes you want. Have fun with it!

Once you create that new habit, comment below and let me know how your life changed for the better!

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