I believe that everyone has the power within themselves to create a life that they really want. I didn’t always believe this, but I do now. I was in a challenging and emotionally disconnected marriage of 20 years. When my husband, who was the sole financial provider, lost his job, we really became stressed as a couple and family (with 2 wonderful children). As much as I tried to “save” my marriage, I realized what I was doing wasn’t working. I felt we needed a miracle. That’s when I started learning about the universal laws and began working on my beliefs. As I started applying the law of attraction and changing my beliefs, my life began slowly shifting …for the better. I realized that I can create change in my life. And you can too.

I’ve  consciously re-created what I do want my life to be now. I’ve easily attracted money from $25,000-$400,000, my home, a job when I needed it, resources and supportive people in my life.

I was a stay-at-home mom, so it was very difficult to go through the loss of my 20 year marriage and lose the security of the life we’d built. It took all the courage, faith and skills I’ve learned to get through this crisis. I don’t want anyone to go through any crisis alone.

Being supported and learning to be empowered will give you more energy and time to devote to your children, business, relationships and healing. When you are peaceful, it will positively affect every area of your life.  You see, in order to create positive and happy changes in your life, you have to vibrate that essence. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world,” as Mahatma Gandhi says. You have to become what it is that you want in order to attract more of that into your life. I did that, and I know I can help you too.

That’s not to say it was easy – it wasn’t.  But I learned to handle obstacles and challenges by living consciously using these universal laws, and my faith grew stronger.

So you see … I know what it’s like to struggle. I know my life’s calling is to show others how to regain their power and faith so they can create their own daily miracles. And while my life is not perfect, I KNOW I can help you shift your mindset and vibrations to attract what you REALLY want in your life … if you’re ready.  I can show you how to to reclaim the peace and power that’s inside you and manifest your desires and miracles. I know in my heart that it is my mission, and I will do everything in my power to support you with the guidance, energy work, tools and heart-felt support to help you create the life you want.

That’s my promise to you.

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