Your DNA is Not Your Destiny – Clear Past Burdens and Imprints


Karma, can be defined as we get what we “deserve” or “give out”. If you look up the definition in Webster’s New World Dictionary, karma is “the totality of one’s acts in each state of one’s existence”. It can also be referred to as carrying our ancestral burdens. Whatever you want to call it, these energies can block us from living and creating a fulfilling and happy life.

When our life is filled with energetic “debris” either from our current life and/or from our ancestral lineage, it can be hard to feel happy and fulfilled. It can be hard to manifest the job, partner, money etc. that you want.

Spiritual leaders and philosophers have been telling us for  1,000’s of years that we carry the imprint of our ancestors. Science has confirmed this by acknowledging epigenomes: an epigenome is made up of a record of chemical changes to the DNA; these changes can be passed down to our offspring. They are sequences of amino acids that attach to our DNA and store ancestral trauma, adversity and limitation.

It is my honor to help people clear their blocks and negative ancestral imprints. Releasing these burdens can:

  • Help you feel more connected to your Source/Higher Power and realize your divine nature
  • Release the energies and patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • Increase grace, ease and flow in your life
  • Give you inner peace even with stress and chaos all around you
  • Empower you to make better decisions and feel happier

I work with people through a Forgiveness Formula to help them release these imprints and burdens so that they are relieved of old patterns, etc. that are keeping them stuck. Many times physical pains/issues are telling us that something needs to be resolved. Old emotions and traumas are literally implanted in our cells just waiting to be released for a life that flows better and happier. I work 1-on-1 with people to help resolve  issues/patterns focusing on where these energies need to be released within the body. Each session is 60-minutes.


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Our DNA Carries Our Ancestral Lineage. Forgiveness Clears Debris from What We Carry and Can Free Us to Live Life on Our Terms

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