The Importance of Gratitude to Get What You Want

The Importance of Gratitude to Get What You Want

Think about something that you feel grateful for — really grateful. Sit with that feeling for a minute or longer. Do you notice that thinking about and appreciating whatever you are grateful for leaves you feeling happier, maybe even elated? That’s what being grateful does for you — because gratitude and love are the highest vibrations you can feel. And because they are so high, you feel wonderful that can lead you to attracting what your heart desires. 

When we feel gratitude for even the smallest things in our lives, we exude love and happiness so then that’s what we attract. When we’re feeling angry, sad or anything less than loving and grateful, we tend to attract those types of energies and experiences in our lives.

Some Simple Ways We can Raise our Gratitude Vibration

  1. Think of something that you’re grateful for — could be as simple as receiving a discount on something you bought or for your child’s happy and loving smile towards you. Then focus on your heart and keep feeling the love and gratitude. Now expand that feeling throughout your heart, then throughout your body and then throughout the room you’re in. Starting to feel expanded? That’s a freeing, wonderful and happy feeling which expands you to receive more of the good things you want! Enjoy the bliss!
  2. Keep a gratitude journal. It doesn’t have to be long and time-consuming to do. First, start with a journal and pen that feels good to you. Then either in the morning or evening, make a list of 5-10 things you are grateful for that day. Oprah Winfrey stated once on her tv show years ago that she did this daily. Try to think of different things to be grateful for so that you stretch yourself and realize how much good you have in your life. It can be even as small as enjoying a good cup of coffee or ice cream cone. Doing this daily, really helps raise your vibration and that feels so good.
  3. Look around your environment and focus on something that you enjoy looking at (a picture of your child, your grandmother’s ring, the vase you bought that is beautiful — anything at all) and think about how this object is beautiful, useful or triggers happy memories, etc. The longer you look at and feel appreciation, the more your feelings will increase. Once your good feelings strengthen, choose another object and rinse and repeat.

All of these practices help you to practice feeling good and that raises your vibration. The more you can maintain those good feeling vibes, the more happy, good thoughts, experiences, people and things can enter your life. It’s an ongoing practice for us to keep our thoughts and vibrations positive — but one that is so worth it!!

We really can create mini miracles on a daily basis. It all starts with a conscious decision to do so. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

If you’re ready to create daily miracles in your life, contact me to schedule a free 30-minute support session. We’ll set the law of attraction into motion!

Are You Always Waiting and Hoping to be Happy?

Are You Always Waiting and Hoping to be Happy?

Do you keep putting off being happy?

Do you find yourself saying: “I’ll be happy when…”

I’ll be happy when I get the  job I want.

I’ll be happy when I lose the weight.

I’ll be happy when I find my perfect partner.

I’ll be happy when I make a $1,000,000.

I’ll be happy when I retire.

The list goes on and on…

But the truth is the world  doesn’t work that way.

You see the universe responds to the energy you put out. And if that energy is not what you really want, then what you want doesn’t ever materialize. If it does materialize, it’s not exactly what you really want. Think about it. If you believe that you’ll finally be happy when you make a $1,000,000, well then for most of us, we’ll actually never be truly happy. There will always be a part of us that is not really satisfied with ourselves and with life. When we live this way (and most of us do) we are actually pushing away happiness and all that it brings into our lives. We’re never really fully present and appreciating what we do have right in front of us. It could be our child who just lost her tooth for the first time and is so excited to share her milestone with us, but we’re busy on our phone or laptop reviewing our finances or going over details of a business deal. Time is precious and it moves on with or without our being present in the moment. Our child will never have that same experience quite the same way ever again.

If we’re not really in the moment appreciating what we do have in front of us, then the moment passes and is gone forever. If we keep putting off being happy, then we’ll always be searching for happiness. We’ll always be in the process of losing weight, finding the perfect man/woman to make us complete, or fill in the blank.

I’ve always been one of those persons putting off being happy. But I’ve discovered the secret to getting what you want… it’s being happy and grateful for what I do have now. What we focus on expands is one way of looking at the law of attraction. So it makes perfect sense that if we’re focusing on always becoming happy in the future, well then, we’ll be just that… always pushing off being happy in the future. Only that future day won’t ever come because it’s always out of reach. 

the good news is that we have the choice to be happy now no matter what is going on in our world.

I remember when I was contemplating divorcing my husband of 20 years. I loved him but could not live with him and I was exhausted and depleted with trying to make him and everyone happy. One day, the light bulb went off in my head and I realized I need to be happy and the only person who can do that is me! When I decided to be happy, I began to look for things in my life that I was blessed with.. 2 beautiful, loving, healthy children, a home, etc. and I began to feel more and more grateful for my life and myself. I began to feel happier no matter what was going on. I’m mindful of this very powerful principle every single day because it was a powerful decision I made to be happy. When I’m happy from inside me, that radiates out to everyone around me. We all have free will so we can’t make someone happy or feel better but if they feel our elevated energy they have the choice to step up into it too. That’s a gift we can give to each other… even a genuine smile can change someone’s day for the better.

If you’re ready to be happy and see how this can impact your life, contact me to schedule a free 30-minute support session and let’s take that next step together. I’ll walk with you and show you that you have the power to make happier choices in every moment. I can’t wait to see that smile on your face!