woman with hands on head worried

Ever notice that people in our lives trigger us emotionally — especially people who are most important to us – family, spouse, kids, employer – people who are important in our lives? And it usually happens when we’re not expecting it?

Do you notice that this emotion and our reaction to it keeps coming up over and over again? That emotional trigger, whether it’s anger, fear or anxiety causes us to stop and take notice of how we’re feeling… and it’s usually not good.

These triggers are mirroring to us what energy we are carrying inside of us that is ready to be released so that we can move it out of our bodies and break that pattern. Isn’t that amazing!

Eckhart Tolle demonstrated that in his book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose as he describes an encounter between two ducks having an experience of conflict but almost immediately shake off their emotions and go their separate ways.

Nature illustrates the simplicity of letting go of emotions, but we humans have learned to suppress our emotions.

Why? Because they don’t feel good and we avoid things that cause us to feel bad. Ever avoid having to tell someone unpleasant news?

Emotions are energy in motion.

They are meant to flow through us. Because they don’t feel good, we try to control it or not feel it — but those old, tired emotions keep coming up throughout our lives.

So instead of dealing with the emotion at the time we feel triggered, we judge it and hold onto it.  An example would be — we tell ourselves at an early age “my mother doesn’t love me because she gave my brother ice cream and not me.”

It’s the perception that we make in that moment that locks it in the body and causes us to keep feeling it in different forms for 10, 20, 50+ years, if we don’t deal with it.

The interactions we have with people cause us to feel those feelings again (either with the same people or new faces pop up) over and over again until we notice the pattern.

The next time you feel something come up for you, maybe its fear, distrust, anxiety, notice where it is in your body. The body is very intelligent and always lets us know what we’re carrying.

Then actually feel it.

Feel the anger. Feel the anxiety. Feel the sadness. Feel whatever emotion is coming up without judging it, without telling ourselves the story over again.

When an experience happens and we let it go, it doesn’t land in the body. It flows through us (just like the ducks). But when we make a judgment about whatever happened and label it, we close ourselves off from feeling it and it becomes stuck in our cells.

We’re physical and spiritual beings so it becomes part of our energy bodies. And those emotions go out into the universe and always comes back to us — just like a boomerang. That’s the law of attraction at work.

The good news?

These old, stuck emotions can be released layer by layer. We may cry, etc. but it will feel good!

It’ll be a release of tension that has built up over years. The next time you become triggered it will be less and less. Isn’t that great news?

Are you willing to give this gift to yourself?

1) notice when you’re being triggered
2) notice where the sensation is in your body (it can be tension, tightness, pulsing)
3) decide to actually feel it completely for at least 1 ½ minutes or more without beating yourself up or judging it in any way        (you can do this!)
4) let yourself be angry or cry (it’s only 1 ½ minutes out of your life instead of 50 years!)
5) enjoy the release and let it go!!

You’ll feel relief and raise your vibration. You’ll feel good! And when you feel good, you attract positive people, experiences and miracles happen. Give it a try and see what you feel!  Then come back and comment below to let me know how you made out.

If you’re ready to further explore emotional release and how this can impact your life, contact me to schedule a free 30-minute support session. We’ll set the law of attraction into motion!