Barbara has helped me in ways I didn’t expect when she coached me. Not only did my areas of focus improve — but everything improved. including some people around me also seemed to benefit from my newly amplified sense of empowerment!

If you’re feeling stuck in any way — Barbara will intuitively figure it out and it will resolve. I’ve improved in ways I never could have imagined and with love and grace. I’m SO grateful to this incredible soul! xo

Jen F., New York


I have had the great pleasure to work with Barbara Anselmi during an advanced coaching course in 2013-2014. After graduating from the course I was aware of how much I benefited from my weekly coaching sessions with Barbara and how much I missed having a personal Coach.

I am receiving incredible wisdom, compassion, self empowerment and guidance working with Barbara that continue to deepened my personal relationships, enhancing my intuition and motivating me to shift my focus towards a growing business.

Barbara is a wonderful coach who encourages me to celebrate my wins and acknowledge where I need to stretch during challenges.

I highly value the processes and tools Barbara uses that open my individual experience with my inner connection to Source.

Karen L. McLaren RN, LMT, RA
President of Harmony Within LLC Scottsdale, AZ


Thank you from ALL of my heart! My family got organized, and came together with a daily plan and future plan!!!!

How can I possibly thank you for taking time out on your holiday to help me.

I’m grounded, focused and full of white light I am spreading to everyone in this hospital! I held my dad’s hand and for the first time felt no fear or panic! I felt open and calm. His Pastor came in room and prayed with my dad and I. Shortly after my dad was mumbling then said “I see God” I said well talk to him. He said he didn’t know how. (My dad is normally delerious). I said do you see a white light and he said yes with God. I said walk to that white light it’s safe and talk to God. My dad said I don’t know how to walk to him (my dad had this surgery because his legs were paralyzed). I said here, hold my hand I will walk with you. He said ok. Closed his eyes and laid back.

What a BLESSING I was able to experience that with him!!! ️️️️

Jennifer M.


Dear Barbara,
A thousand thanks for all you have done for me. You have been so generous in your giving and your listening. You have shown great patience and understanding on those days where I was feeling really down and/or resistant. Your intuition has always guided you to the most appropriate techniques to use with me every time. For that reason, I have felt tremendous help and benefits and I have now a terrific tool box that I can use to adapt to my specific needs which I can use over and over again. It is so easy to get side-tracked on our journey to happiness and you helped me to stay centered and redirected me to my goals and purpose whenever I slid away. Also your voice is so pleasant and soothing that I really enjoy listening to your recorded guided visualizations.

Marie D., Fort Lauderdale, FL


I highly endorse Barbara to any woman who is at a crossroad and ready to explore and perhaps change the course of her destiny. Personally, Barbara helped me overcome the fears that held me back from attaining what I both needed and wanted.

Barbara has this incredible loving/caring presence which creates a safe haven for the process of self-discovery. It seems that she has an infinite selection of techniques and exercises and a spot-on intuition when it comes to choosing which one works best for her clients.

Even though our sessions were exclusively on the phone, her voice was a gift I can’t really describe; it had to be experienced. Her voice has a very calming, nurturing tone that inspires trust while being totally non-judgmental. Her compassion and insight inspired me to discover what I could do to change my life. I had blame, she showed me forgiveness; I had criticism, she showed me gratitude. I felt unsupported and she showed me I was completely supported.

Barbara is a great teacher and thanks to her life affirming coaching, I now use her techniques to move forward in creating the reality I want from life.

Nathalie B., West Hollywood, CA



Working with Barb gave me insight into some of the beliefs that were not supporting me in my life.  Barb has the guidance and tools to help me move beyond where I was at and start changing my life.  Barb has the intuitive sense and passion to support anyone on a road to self-growth and discovery.  Thank you Barb!

Laurie D., Edmonton, Canada


I had the opportunity to coach with Barbara while she was my mentor at the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and I was blown away by the results I achieved in implementing her manifestation techniques. Thanks to Barbara I was able to overcome some self-sabotaging blocks and move forward to live the life of my dreams with my soulmate. When I met her, I wasn’t sure we would stay together, but as she suggested, “I put it out to the Universe and commanded it to give me two clear signs.” Within a day I got my answer. I was guided to a healer who ended up working with me and my partner for about a year. We have been together for three-years and are very much in love. I know now that whatever bumps in road, that the Universe supports me and the help, support, guidance we need to remain in our happy, fulfilling relationship will ALWAYS be available to us. We have now manifested our gorgeous dream home together, and I am proud to say both names are on the mortgage. The healer was able to help remove mental blocks like the fear of intimacy, the fear of commitment, and losing our independence.

I thank Barbara from the bottom of my heart, for helping me manifest this healing, and I encourage anyone looking to work with a powerful manifester to work with Barbara. She really knows her stuff! Thank-you, Barbara!

Nancy C., Ontario, Canada

WOW! Just saying… 

had an SRT clearing session with Barbara the other day. She’s great! I was SO amazed how fast the reaction from the release came 😱 I yawned and released old traumas throughout the entire  session, every half minute,  from the middle to the end… It was like the fatigue from the burnout was literally leaving my body bit by bit… Awesome!
Thank you Barbara 🙏❤️
Ellen A., Sweden